“Bishop Houston’s Weekend Word”
Well, well, well Beloved, it’s the weekend again. I thank God for allowing me to start and participate in another day in the land of the living.
You know, before I truly stepped up to the plate and took Christianity seriously and accepted my calling into the ministry, I was dominated by “MANY” horrible worldly habits. I tried to quit each one using all kinds of methods, but nothing worked. After many years of struggling, failing, and loosing, on all of life’s frontiers, one Saturday morning I woke up around 3 A.M. and cried out (real tears) to the Lord and told Him I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired of the vicious hallucination “I” called life.
Beloved it wasn’t until I got serious with myself, took off the rose color glasses and took the worldly ear plugs out of my ears when change started to happen. Beloved, my change came when there was no one there for me. I felt that everyone had abandoned me, all I had was a Bible that a pastor gave to me many years preceding my wake-up call.
Beloved, up to that point, I will not say I hadn’t learned much of anything about the Word of God. I can’t, and I won’t say that I had never been exposed to the power of God. That would be a flat out lie. Sure, I could have continued to place the blame on others. But I knew within myself, that was only a cop-out provision to continue the wrong I was doing and continue with the World vs. Me attitude. It was me, myself and I, who chose the path of illicit living!!! “I” placed those rose-colored glasses on my eyes and the worldly ear plugs in my ears. In other words, it was “ME, MYSELF, and I” who made the bad choices.
You see, it was “I” who made the conscientious decision to listening to people who disguised themselves as friends, friendly, and family. I trusted them more than I did my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They didn’t have my best interest in their mind, but I couldn’t see nor hear their deception to recognize the lies my enemies were presenting because, I was too busy trying to be received by them. They had hidden agendas in their minds to kill, steal and destroy me after their come up. So, wanting to fit in, “ME, MYSELF, AND I” choose to indulge into a life-style that delivered to me a mirage.
You see, chasing that deceptive, false worldly illusion chased away many people who did love me and had my best interest at heart (mind and emotions). It wasn’t until “I” took off those rose-colored glasses and the worldly ear plugs out of my ears to hear what God had been trying to tell me for many years. The spirit of the Lord said: “Wilburn Jr. You know you’re wrong, take ownership  – ‘right now’, so I can begin to cleanup, clear and repair the damage you’ve created through the years.”
Beloved, I had to go before God with a a contrite spirit and take off the ROSE COLORED-GLASSES, remove the WORLDLY EAR PLUGS OUT OF MY EARS, and TAKE FULL OWNERSHIP why my life was in chaos before things started to change positively for me.
Today, I live a life chartered by the Words of God. I still deal with everyday problems, but the difference maker is I have a great influence in my life, a great role model in my life, a great inspirer in my life, and a great motivator in my life, He is Jehovah Jireh, Yahweh-Yireh, El-Shaddai. He is My GREAT PROVIDER!!!
Beloved, as you go into this weekend go into it without your rose colored glasses and your worldly ear plugs so you will be able to recognize and receive what God is trying to deliver to you.
I love you all!!! 😀
Have a blessed weekend Everyone!!! 😀

“Cease Condemnation”

Praise the Lord Beloved!!! 😀

It is Friday and another weekend is upon us.

Beloved, as we go into this weekend let us be mindful of one another’s feelings. There are many people that absolutely despise someone, there are many people that are calling someone an outcast, and there are many people that are looking down on someone.
Beloved, life is too short to hold grudges and have animosity over something that may have happened many years ago. Many people have changed their life and lifestyle. But there are many people that don’t allow people to change!!! They consciously hold them captive to their past. Come on be truthful, you know who you are.
But now allow me to ask you a question right here: Did Jesus condemn the woman that was brought to Him by the religious leaders for her act of adultery. What about the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s Well? Let me remind you that this woman was ostracized and marked as immoral (by her own people), an unmarried woman living openly with her sixth man. Did Jesus condemn her? Of course not!!!
Beloved, no one absolutely no one can live in the past. Many people (after their life has been transformed-renewed, and given salvation) are “very remorseful for their previous life of immoral experiences. So why continue to attempt to stomp them when they have been given salvation and they have changed their immoral clothing for moral attire.
Many people haven’t seen some people in a long time. So, they try to hold them to the old life. Beloved, you know a tree by the fruit it bears. Many of you out there who are saved now, was a sinner in some point of your life and God granted you salvation. If God did it for you why can’t He do it for them? His Grace and Mercy is for everyone. So, this weekend, don’t condemn someone on what you use to know about them.
Beloved, God loves us despite our bankrupt lives. God values us enough to actively seek us, to welcome us to intimacy, and to rejoice in our worship. So, this weekend, let’s do our best to perceive people as God perceives them, not as they use to be!!! The Word tells us to lift one another up, inspire one another, and let the Lord handle the vengeance.
Have a blessed Weekend Everyone.

No Condemnation

“Let the Spirit Lead You”

Galatians 5:16
Praise the Lord Beloved.
Well, it’s Friday and the weekend is here.
You know beloved,
walking in the spirit is the best way to stay close to God.
It’s actually the key to overcoming the flesh. This weekend if you follow the prompting of the Spirit of God within you, you won’t be dominated by the pressure your flesh tries to put on you.
Beloved, as you listen to the written Word and the Holy Spirit telling you what to do, you’ll constantly make little adjustments in your life according to what He says. And those little adjustments will keep the weekend darkness from overtaking you.
You see, God knows just what you need. He can look ahead in your life and see the traps and pressures the devil is laying for you.
Have a blessed weekend Everyone. 😀

weekend Let the Spirit Lead You