“A Hesitating Faith”

Today’s Scripture Reading: James 1:5-8

Praise the Lord Beloved.
Happy Wednesday to you all… 😃

You know Beloved, if we believe that God is who He says He is, and will do what He has promised, then why do so many of us habitually waver in our prayers? Instead of exercising bold faith, we come to the Lord “hoping” He’ll hear us and answer our requests, but we’re just not sure He will.

Beloved this is not true faith.
This is what I call “hesitating faith”.
This kind of faith will cause us to be unstable in our spiritual walk, causing us not to receive or expect anything from Him.

I believe one reason we’re so prone to doubt is “we fail to see God at work in our circumstances”. We asked, and nothing happened. But the Lord isn’t a cosmic bellhop who jumps in response to our requests. He sees our past, present, and future, and knows the right time for every answer. His invisible hand is already at work on our behalf arranging situations to accomplish His will, opening minds and emotions, and preparing us to receive what He wants to give.

And I also believe another cause for uncertainty is “ignorance”.

Beloved, if we don’t know God’s ways, we’ll be disappointed in His response. All too often our prayers are accompanied by expectations of how He’ll work. When He fails to intervene according to “our” timetable or anticipated method, we start to doubt, causing us to hesitate in our spiritual walk.

Beloved, placing our faith in the Lord and trusting in His good and perfect ways gives us stability as we wait for His answer.

“May your Wednesday be Blessed in the Lord.”