Erase & Start Over

CHOF Ministry’s Scripture for Today

(Romans 10:17, NKJV)
“So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

A Word from Bishop Houston

Beloved, are you permitting undesirable thoughts to suffocate your potential? Why don’t you start erasing those thoughts? The specialists or authorities may have told you that things are impossible or how it’s not going to work out, but those people don’t know what the God you serve has in store. He has the closing statement, the final approval, the final signature. He wouldn’t have placed that dream in your heart or given you that promise if He didn’t have a way to bring it to pass. It’s time to erase what the naysayers have told you. It’s time to erase the discouraging words. Erase the adverse reports.

Beloved, you’ve got to erase and start over. You’ve got to keep erasing those undesirable opinions and keep replacing them with the Word of God until you get back to your mental status God blessed you with, and stay focused until your faith is running like a well-oiled machine or in other words until your faith is stronger than your doubts.

Beloved, who told you that you can’t be successful? Who told you you’re not tall enough, not smart enough, or that you’ve reached your limits? I, Bishop, W. F. Houston, Jr. assure you that it did not come from your Creator. So, don’t let others set the parameters for your life. Erase those wrong thoughts or opinions, believe God’s Word, and embrace the blessing and success He has in store for you!!!

Have a Blessed Day Everyone!!!

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From The Pulpit with Bishop Houston – Announcement

Walking Into a Different Season
I’m Back for another season on Spreaker Radio!!!  October 4, 2015

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A Podcast of the morning message will be available on demand for your designated listening convince on YouTube, WordPress, Tumblr, From the Pulpit with Bishop Houston Facebook Page, Twitter, SoundCloud, Google Plus and ReverbNation, and on
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“Come get your spirit fed with a wholesome plate of spiritual food!!!”