“Stay Encouraged”

Stay Encouraged.png

Praise the Lord Beloved!!!
My charge to you today is “STAY ENCOURAGED!!!” Your resolution has to be larger than “any of your discomforts that is challenging you today. Don’t let your stress, anxiety or pressure befuddle you from the advice that God has given you for your life. You too have a degree of greatness in you. There’s a purpose that’s inside of you that’s calling you to create and develop your greatness using your experiences with worrying, pressures, and anxieties as your tools.
Beloved, your discomforts or disorders, will not last always. The discomforts or disorders that you’re going “through” is creating and building you a far more exceeding and external weight of glory.
So, instead of fixing your eyes on the discomforts you see now, fix them on what is unseen, because what is seen is temporary, and the things that are not seen are Eternal.

To God Be the Glory!!!
Have a blessed Wednesday Everyone.