“A Great Opulence”

Morning Blog

Praise the Lord Beloved!!!
I pray that your weekend was blessed.
I send my love prayers and respect to my friends and family
who lost loves ones and I say God’s speed to my family and friends who are sick or entered the hospital.

Beloved over the weekend I had the honor to minister to a young couple about their faith in God and God’s ability to prosper them when they put their faith in Him and Him alone “full time.” I told them that a full-time faith in God, will open the windows of heaven and bless them with so many blessings from everywhere they wouldn’t be able to receive them all. Of course, they asked me what did I mean when I said, “full time faith”?

Beloved, full-time faith is having a “no doubt-unwavering attitude” in the things God can do in your life. You see, before He starts to put checks in your mail-box or floating money your way, your passion about the things of God must become in depth and personal,
just like a marriage. Your mental positioning must be stationary, and focused on Him before He starts planting the seeds of opulence in your life. In the Book of Genesis, you’ll find that he was sold as a slave to the Egyptians, and he didn’t have a dime to his name. He didn’t even have his freedom. He’d been sold as a slave. But, right in the middle of his slavery, God gave Joseph such wisdom and ability that he made his owner prosper. As a result, the man put Joseph in charge of all his possessions.

You’ll find that later, Joseph was put in prison. And many of us know there’s not much of a chance for development in prison. But God gave him insight that no other man in Egypt had. Beloved, that insight landed him a position on Pharaoh’s staff. Not as a slave but as the most honored man in the entire country next to Pharaoh himself. He rode along in a chariot and people literally bowed down before him.

Now watch this – 😀
When the worldwide famine came, Joseph was put in charge of all the food.
NOW THAT’S PROSPERITY!!! This was all accomplished by God, because Joseph had an unwavering full-time faith in God.

Beloved, no matter how depressing your state of affairs may be, no matter how unbearable your problems may be, God is able to disclose the spiritual secrets that would open the door(s) of success for you as your unwavering full-time faith grows.

Beloved, God will bless the seeds of prosperity He plants in your life and grant you great harvest of opulence.

Have a Great Week Everyone!!! 😀


“Respected Courtesy”

Morning Blog
Good Morning Every!!! 😀

I hope everyone had a blessed weekend and a joyous Sunday.
Over the weekend I read the writings in Esther and in chapter 2 verse 15 caught my eye. It says: Esther was the daughter of Abihail, who was Mordecai’s uncle. (Mordecai had adopted his younger cousin Esther.) When it was Esther’s turn to go to the king, she accepted the advice of Hegai, the eunuch in charge of the harem. She asked for nothing except what he suggested, and she was admired by everyone who saw her.
Beloved, the words “respected courtesy” came to my mind.
Respected Courtesy is when anyone that’s in your presence revere you.
Beloved, in Christianity we become revered when our change from immoral characteristic to moral characteristics are completed. Once this change occurs then God grants us His respected courtesy which permits us to step into His realm of favor. When God displays His respected courtesy toward us everyone that sees us can’t help but notice.
Have a Blessed Monday and an Awesome Week Everyone!!! 😀

“Designed to Encouraged and Build Up”

Bishop Houstons weekend word picture

Praise the Lord Beloved!!! Happy New month to you. 😀

Beloved, in 1 Thessalonians 5:11, NLT, it says: “11 So encourage each other and build each other up…”

Beloved, as we go into this weekend there will be people that we will see and some we will encounter. God has premeditated us to live in relationship with others. His design for us is to help each other grow. Contrary to what some may believe, none of us will reach our highest potential by ourselves. We need people in our lives to encourage us, and we need to encourage the people in our lives and help them reach their potential. The word “encourage” means to “urge forward.” I’m sure you will agree with me when I say, many times, you can see things in other people that they don’t see themselves. You can see their strengths and talents. You can see that God has a special plan for them even though they may be going through a difficult time. Beloved, don’t assume that people see what you see in them.

So, let’s take a few moments out of our weekend and encourage them either with a kind word or a simple note. You might even have a special gift you can give them that will remind them of their goal or dream. Beloved, in whatever way you can, urge the people in your life to keep moving forward. If you’ll encourage and help others fulfill their visions, God will help you fulfill your visions also, and you’ll live in blessing all the days of your life.

Going into this weekend, will you Pray with Me?

Let’s pray:
Dear Heavenly Father, I want to thank You in advance for the people You will placed in my life. Lord God, help me encourage them and build them up to find inspired ways that will implant a desire in them to toward Your glory.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name I pray,
Amen and Amen.

Have a blessed Weekend Everyone!!! 😀



“Bishop Houston’s Weekend Word”
Well, well, well Beloved, it’s the weekend again. I thank God for allowing me to start and participate in another day in the land of the living.
You know, before I truly stepped up to the plate and took Christianity seriously and accepted my calling into the ministry, I was dominated by “MANY” horrible worldly habits. I tried to quit each one using all kinds of methods, but nothing worked. After many years of struggling, failing, and loosing, on all of life’s frontiers, one Saturday morning I woke up around 3 A.M. and cried out (real tears) to the Lord and told Him I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired of the vicious hallucination “I” called life.
Beloved it wasn’t until I got serious with myself, took off the rose color glasses and took the worldly ear plugs out of my ears when change started to happen. Beloved, my change came when there was no one there for me. I felt that everyone had abandoned me, all I had was a Bible that a pastor gave to me many years preceding my wake-up call.
Beloved, up to that point, I will not say I hadn’t learned much of anything about the Word of God. I can’t, and I won’t say that I had never been exposed to the power of God. That would be a flat out lie. Sure, I could have continued to place the blame on others. But I knew within myself, that was only a cop-out provision to continue the wrong I was doing and continue with the World vs. Me attitude. It was me, myself and I, who chose the path of illicit living!!! “I” placed those rose-colored glasses on my eyes and the worldly ear plugs in my ears. In other words, it was “ME, MYSELF, and I” who made the bad choices.
You see, it was “I” who made the conscientious decision to listening to people who disguised themselves as friends, friendly, and family. I trusted them more than I did my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They didn’t have my best interest in their mind, but I couldn’t see nor hear their deception to recognize the lies my enemies were presenting because, I was too busy trying to be received by them. They had hidden agendas in their minds to kill, steal and destroy me after their come up. So, wanting to fit in, “ME, MYSELF, AND I” choose to indulge into a life-style that delivered to me a mirage.
You see, chasing that deceptive, false worldly illusion chased away many people who did love me and had my best interest at heart (mind and emotions). It wasn’t until “I” took off those rose-colored glasses and the worldly ear plugs out of my ears to hear what God had been trying to tell me for many years. The spirit of the Lord said: “Wilburn Jr. You know you’re wrong, take ownership  – ‘right now’, so I can begin to cleanup, clear and repair the damage you’ve created through the years.”
Beloved, I had to go before God with a a contrite spirit and take off the ROSE COLORED-GLASSES, remove the WORLDLY EAR PLUGS OUT OF MY EARS, and TAKE FULL OWNERSHIP why my life was in chaos before things started to change positively for me.
Today, I live a life chartered by the Words of God. I still deal with everyday problems, but the difference maker is I have a great influence in my life, a great role model in my life, a great inspirer in my life, and a great motivator in my life, He is Jehovah Jireh, Yahweh-Yireh, El-Shaddai. He is My GREAT PROVIDER!!!
Beloved, as you go into this weekend go into it without your rose colored glasses and your worldly ear plugs so you will be able to recognize and receive what God is trying to deliver to you.
I love you all!!! 😀
Have a blessed weekend Everyone!!! 😀

Take It One Step (One Day) at a Time”

Morning BlogI John 4:4
Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.
As you can see, I started this morning’s blog with scripture. That’s because many of my blogs will be God centered, as it is this morning.
There was an e-mail that was sent to me from our CHOF Ministry Website prayer request box.
It was from a woman urgently requesting prayer. She opened by telling me she is a crack and meth addict and that she’d been through rehab three time and had relapsed once again. Now she had to pull herself back up out of the pit of her addictions and face her family with the truth, and she wasn’t sure she could go through with it.
She told me that, she keeps thinking she’s hopeless, and that she will never get better. She said, “Bishop Houston I can’t pray anymore by myself. I need help.” I will keep her name anonymous, her name is not my focus here but her soul is.
Beloved, let me tell you, of all the outwardly intractable problems the world faces, war, hunger, environmental calamities, and terrorism “addiction” is one of the greatest pestilences, it’s a kind of terrorism of the soul. It affects rich people and poor people the same way, advanced nations and developing ones, men and women, and people of all ages and races and religions. The toll addiction takes on the world’s economies is in the trillions. The personal suffering is incalculable.
Yet Beloved, as someone who has not gotten drunk or used an illegal drug in many, many years, I know there’s a solution, one that begins with the individual. By the grace of a Higher Power whom I choose to call God and the powerful words of Jesus Christ, any addict or alcoholic can take back his or her life from the grip of addiction.
There are millions that have succeeded, one step (one day) at a time, by being willing to put their lives “COMPLETELY” in the hands of a loving God, the only power greater than their addiction(s). I don’t know what happened to the woman who e-mailed us, but I do know that by asking for prayer and by turning her addiction over to God, she has taken the first step and given herself more hope than she knew.
Beloved, where God goes, hope really grows!!!
Beloved, God is your deliverer, you must take it one step (one day) at a time. Jehovah Rapha-God has the power to heal you. He’s the one force that’s greater than any difficulty you may have.
Take care and take it one step (one day) at a time.
You’ll be glad you did. 😀

Sunday Morning With Bishop Houston

Follow His Lead

“Follow His Lead”

Galatians 5:16
This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.

Praise the Lord Beloved!!!

Beloved, have you ever just sat and thought about what it means to walk in the spirit? Well, if you haven’t, let me tell you, walking in the spirit is the key to overcoming the flesh. If you follow the motivation of the Spirit of God within you, you won’t be dominated by the pressure your flesh tries to put on you.

Beloved, as you listen to the written Word and the Holy Spirit telling you what to do, you’ll constantly be making little adjustments in your life according to what He says. And those little adjustments will keep darkness from overtaking you.
You see, God knows just what you need. He can look ahead in your life and see the deceptions, cons, set-ups, ploys, and pressures the devil is laying for you.

So follow the Holy Spirit’s leading and He’ll maneuver you safely around them to victory.

Have a blessed Sunday!!! 😀

“God’s Favor Is Always Around You 24/7”

CHOF Ministry’s Scripture for Today:
Psalm 33:22 (NLT)
22 Let your unfailing love surround us, Lord,
for our hope is in you alone.
Praise the Lord Beloved!!! 
Beloved, how would your life look if you were surrounded, all day and every day, by God’s favor? Just think how different the things would be if the doors opened for you and you walked through each one covered with God’s favor. Would your daily activities and attitudes in every condition be any different, if you knew beyond any doubt, that success lies ahead just because you’re one of God’s favorites? Would you find the courage to lay down your apprehensions and uncertainties?
I have some Good News for you today Beloved!!!!
Believe it or not, you already have God’s favor each and every day.
You know Beloved, many Christians believe they must somehow earn the favor of God, but the truth is, we already have His favor. God saved us because of His favor toward us.
In Ephesians 2:8 it tells us: “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God”.
What the verse above is literally saying is, grace is favor.
Beloved, God’s favor is the power that changes things for us. You see, first and foremost, you and I are saved by His favor, and I’m not just talking about going to heaven when we die. To be saved means to be delivered, protected, preserved, healed and made whole. This process happens before we die.
God’s favor covers every area of our lives!!! By His favor, He has taken care of everything we will ever need “spirit, soul, and body”. His supernatural grace is so massive, the Bible says it’s going to take all the ages to come for Him to show us all the riches of His grace in the kindness He’s given us in Christ Jesus.
Now, there maybe someone reading this and saying:
Bishop Houston, I can’t wait until I get to heaven so that I can experience the fullness of God’s favor!!!
And you know, you’re right!!! Beloved, you don’t have to wait!!! God is pouring out His favor on us right here and now. Even before we were born again, He was giving us His favor. While we were still rebelling against Him, Romans 5:8 says: “God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners”.
Beloved, it was God’s grace at work in your life that enabled you to be born again. From the moment, you stepped into that new life, the moment you made Jesus Lord, God’s favor began working nonstop on your behalf.
You see, being born again was just the starting place for His favor to pour out. And He’ll pour out grace and more favor to you every moment of your life if you’ll receive it!!!
Psalm 5:12 says, “For You, O Lord, will bless the righteous; with favor, You will surround him as with a shield”. Now, that scripture is talking about the born-again child of God who serves Him. (Not the SOMETIMIE” Christian)!!! Beloved, it’s talking about you, “The 24/7 I’M GOING TO BE OBEDIENT, SERVE YOU REGARDLESS OF WHAT TILL I DIE CHRISTIAN!!!
Beloved, it is Jesus who made you righteous. When Jesus shed His blood, He made righteousness available to all mankind, and with it came the favor of God!!! God’s favor surrounds you constantly!!! You have been born again into His righteousness.
Beloved, we should always see ourselves wrapped in God’s favor 24 hours a day. Every morning when you get up, throw off the covers and jump out of bed saying, “I am righteous. Lord, Your favor surrounds me like a shield.”
Have a Blessed Day Everyone!!!

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