Bishop Houston’s “Weekend Word”

Black history Month Weekend word

Praise the Lord Beloved!!! Another weekend and what a great day to serve God!!!

A few days ago, I was having a conversation with a young man and he told me he trusted Jesus, but he didn’t trust the others writers of the Bible. He went on to explain and give his reasons. I let him say all that he had to say. He criticized all the writers from the Old Testament to the New Testament.

Then I told him that I had a problem with his logic.

Beloved, Jesus trusted the Bible. EVERY WORD OF IT!!!
He taught that the Bible was a unique book, above all the others.

Jesus said in Matthew 5:18 (NIV), “For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished”.

Jesus says the Bible will last until the end of time. It will accomplish what God wants to accomplish in this world. In John 10:35a (NLT) Jesus said, “And you know that the Scriptures cannot be altered.” Beloved, Jesus proclaimed the truth of the Bible. And when Jesus talks about the truthfulness of the Bible, we need to listen. You see, when Jesus talked about the Bible with people, he would often base his argument about the truth of the Bible on a single sentence or even a single word from the Bible. He believed every single sentence, every single word of Scripture. So, if I trust Jesus, why wouldn’t I trust the Bible? 😀

When Jesus talked about the Bible, he talked about it as if the people and events in it were real. He talked about all the prophets being real. He talked about Daniel being real. Jesus believed in Noah and everything that happened with the flood. He believed in Adam and Eve. He believed in the tragedy of Sodom and Gomorrah. He believed that Jonah was swallowed by a large fish.

Beloved, if Jesus really believed in Jonah, then I should, too. I don’t know how God created a fish that could swallow a guy, but he did.

I trust what’s in the Bible because Jesus trusted in it. Beloved this weekend trust what’s in the Bible and let it change your life.

Have a Blessed Weekend Everyone.


“Jesus a Game Changer”

Jesus a Game Changer.png
Hebrews 8:6-13 (NLT)

6 But now Jesus, our High Priest, has been given a ministry that is far superior to the old priesthood, for he is the one who mediates for us a far better covenant with God, based on better promises.

7 If the first covenant had been faultless, there would have been no need for a second covenant to replace it. 8 But when God found fault with the people, he said:

“The day is coming, says the Lord,when I will make a new covenant
with the people of Israel and Judah.

9 This covenant will not be like the oneI made with their ancestors
when I took them by the handand led them out of the land of Egypt.
They did not remain faithful to my covenant,so I turned my back on them,
says the Lord.

10 But this is the new covenant I will make
with the people of Israel on that day, says the Lord:
I will put my laws in their minds,and I will write them on their hearts.
I will be their God,and they will be my people.

11 And they will not need to teach their neighbors,
nor will they need to teach their relatives,
saying, ‘You should know the Lord.’
For everyone, from the least to the greatest,
will know me already.

12 And I will forgive their wickedness, and I will never again remember their sins.”

13 When God speaks of a “new” covenant, it means he has made the first one obsolete. It is now out of date and will soon disappear.

“To God Be The Glory!!!”

“God Extends His Affection”

Focal Text: John 4:1-42

Praise the Lord Beloved!!!

I have just finished my morning reading and it was about the story of Jesus’ encounter with a Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well. I’m sure many of you have read this story. If you haven’t, let me tell you, it gives us a wonderful example of His loving response to hurting individuals. You know, Jesus is always extending His affectionate love, even when we don’t recognize His hand reaching out.

Beloved, although this meeting may have appeared accidental, it wasn’t.  It was really a preordained appointment with the Messiah. You see, as the woman reached the well, Jesus initiated a conversation by asking for a drink of water. Now, it’s at this point, Jesus’ direct approach surprised her, and it opened the door for a dialogue that would change her life forever.

Beloved, throughout their conversation, Jesus’ goal was to help the woman recognize her greatest need, so He could supply her with the only gift that would meet that need, and that need was salvation and the forgiveness of her sins. You see, she had spent her life trying to find love and acceptance in all the wrong places. Christ offered her the living water of the Holy Spirit, which was the only thing that would quench her spiritual and emotional thirst.

At times Beloved, we act like the Samaritan woman.

We become so intent on getting our immediate needs met that we fail to see God’s hand extended out to us in love, offering what will truly satisfy us. Only Christ can fill our empty souls for eternity and provide us with our essential emotional needs now.

Beloved, this world is filled with wells that promise to provide love, acceptance, and self-worth, but they never fully satisfy us. When your soul is empty and the well runs dry in your life, look for Jesus. He has a divine appointment scheduled with you, and He’ll quench your thirst with His Spirit, “if you let Him”.

May God add blessings to His readers.

Dear Heavenly Father,
thank You for Your divine love. Lord, at times I tend to want to have things done right now. Thank You for Your preordained Word that helps me refocus and look for Your extended affection when the things in my life becomes dehydrated.

In Jesus’ Mighty name I pray,
Amen and Amen…

Morning Prayer sheet God s Extended Affection

“A Wavering Faith”

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Focal Text: James 1:5-8

Praise the Lord Beloved!!!
Happy Sunday to you. 😀

Today, I am going to talk to you briefly about a wavering faith.

Beloved, if we believe that God is who He says He is and will do what He has promised, then why do so many of us consistently waver in our prayers? Instead of exercising bold faith, we come to the Lord “HOPING” He will hear us and answer our requests, but we’re just not sure He will. Let me tell you, with this kind of thinking, we cannot expect to receive anything from Him.

You see, one reason we’re so prone to doubt is that we fail to see God at work in our circumstances. We asked, and nothing happened. But we have to realize that the Lord isn’t some cosmic bellhop who jumps in response to our requests. “NOOOO!!!!” He sees past, present, and future and knows the right time for every answer. His invisible hand is already at work on our behalf, arranging situations to accomplish His will, opening hearts, and preparing us to receive what He wants to give.

Another cause for uncertainty Beloved, is “IGNORANCE”. You see, if we don’t know God’s ways, we’ll be disappointed in His response. All too often our prayers are accompanied by expectations of how He’ll work. When He fails to intervene according to “Our” timetable or anticipated method, we start to doubt. But placing our faith in the Lord and trusting in His good and perfect ways gives us stability as we wait for His answer.

So Beloved, to overcome doubts, you must spend time in the Word to learn God’s principles and ways. Then you’ll begin to grasp what He wants to achieve in your life and how He goes about it.

Beloved, inspect your past from a biblical perspective, and you’ll see your faith start to grow as you see the unexpected ways He answered your prayers.

From the Bishop, W. F. Houston, Jr. Ministry,
have a blessed Sunday.

“Designed to Encouraged and Build Up”

Bishop Houstons weekend word picture

Praise the Lord Beloved!!! Happy New month to you. 😀

Beloved, in 1 Thessalonians 5:11, NLT, it says: “11 So encourage each other and build each other up…”

Beloved, as we go into this weekend there will be people that we will see and some we will encounter. God has premeditated us to live in relationship with others. His design for us is to help each other grow. Contrary to what some may believe, none of us will reach our highest potential by ourselves. We need people in our lives to encourage us, and we need to encourage the people in our lives and help them reach their potential. The word “encourage” means to “urge forward.” I’m sure you will agree with me when I say, many times, you can see things in other people that they don’t see themselves. You can see their strengths and talents. You can see that God has a special plan for them even though they may be going through a difficult time. Beloved, don’t assume that people see what you see in them.

So, let’s take a few moments out of our weekend and encourage them either with a kind word or a simple note. You might even have a special gift you can give them that will remind them of their goal or dream. Beloved, in whatever way you can, urge the people in your life to keep moving forward. If you’ll encourage and help others fulfill their visions, God will help you fulfill your visions also, and you’ll live in blessing all the days of your life.

Going into this weekend, will you Pray with Me?

Let’s pray:
Dear Heavenly Father, I want to thank You in advance for the people You will placed in my life. Lord God, help me encourage them and build them up to find inspired ways that will implant a desire in them to toward Your glory.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name I pray,
Amen and Amen.

Have a blessed Weekend Everyone!!! 😀