“The Battle is not Yours, It’s the Lords”

2 Chronicles 20:15

Praise the Lord Beloved.

Well, it’s Friday and another week is upon us.

You know beloved, war is a very controversial topic in both the world and the church today.
This weekend you may come face to face with someone and a battle of some kind may occur. The broad spectrum of views and opinions will bombard each side. Each person feeling, they are winning the war.

Beloved, war is a natural consequence of sin.
Some conflicts are fueled by evil intentions and desires, but others are a battle between right and wrong. God hates bloodshed, and He abhors arguments.

So this weekend Beloved, if you find yourself being lured into some kind of conflict you will do well if you follow Christ. Just search the Scriptures and ask:
“What does the Lord think about the battle you are about to encounter?”

Beloved, when you are attacked by an evil person, refusal to fight is not a coward move. That’s what the world wants you to believe. But from the Christian standpoint, it’s a power move. You have just stepped aside and handed the battle over to the Kingdom of God. It’s God’s responsibility to protect the innocent and avenge wrong.

Beloved, the Battle is not Yours, it’s the Lords.

Have a blessed weekend everyone.

Weekend The Battle is not Yours its the Lords