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“Don’t Ignore Your Spiritual Security Warning System”

Psalm 121:7, NIV
The Lord will keep you from all harm—he will watch over your life.

Breaking Bread with Bishop Houston
Praise the Lord Beloved!!! 😀
Beloved, allow me to ask you a question. Have you ever had a feeling inside you that tell you that something just isn’t right or something you shouldn’t do? Well if you have then, as soon as you feel that uneasiness, you need to stop and evaluate what’s going on.

Because, that’s your spiritual security warning system sounding-off telling you there’s a problem that either needs to be considered more, or evacuated from.

You know, there are too many times, many people override that feeling, thinking they’ll figure it out later, but then they have to deal with things that God could have saved them from.  Beloved, the time to respond is the time when you sense your spiritual security warning system sounding-off. You might be in the middle of a conversation and your spiritual security warning system goes off. The proper thing to do is walk away. DON’T IGNORE IT!!!” Or, if you’re about to purchase something or you’re about to make some plans and you feel that sense of apprehension.  You know, that awkward feeling. Beloved, that’s your spiritual warning system cautioning you that something is just not right.

Beloved, that’s not a random warning. That’s God talking to you.  So, the proper thing to do is, get out of “YOUR “feelings and emotions and pull back and see what God is saying.

We all must learn to listen to our spiritual security warning system. If we’ll learn to listen, God can keep us from trouble. He can keep us from danger. So, don’t ignore it and make life more difficult!!! Instead, quickly obey. Follow His leading. Don’t override or ignore the warnings so you can partake of the blessing, favor and protection that God has prepared for you.

To God Be the Glory!!!
New Yellow Tablet Prayer template spiritual warning system

Bishop Houston, Words for the Weekend

Get Your Praise on

“Get Your Praise On”

Praise the Lord Beloved!!!
Happy Friday to you. 😀

As we approach another weekend I want you to know that
you need to get your praise on!!! You have made it to another weekend
which means you got through another week. You have victory!!!

Beloved, it’s time to get your praise on!!! As you prepare for this weekend I want you to know that praise comes before victory!!!

Beloved, if you’re still looking for your victory this weekend, then stand up and shout, “GLORY!!!” You see, you had an army marching against you all week, but Jesus had already defeated it. He won that battle for you on Resurrection morning. So Beloved, all that’s left for you to do is trust Him and begin to praise.

So, get your praise on this weekend!!! You Got Victory!!! Speak your praise, sing your praise, declare your praise in the face of your enemy. Once your enemy hears your praise, they’ll know they don’t even stand a chance.

Have a Blessed Weekend Everyone!!!:-D