“Share Your Confidence in God”

1 Kings 18:37-40
Praise the Lord Beloved!!! 😀
Friday!!! Friday!!! Friday!!! The weekend is once again upon us.
You know Beloved, in contemporary Christian culture, faith is often considered a possession that affects just its “owner.” But because of our love for independence and self-sufficiency, we have, in many ways, lost the sense of community and outreach that many churches and ministries are meant to embody.
We live like little islands in our own “personal relationship with Christ.” But in reality, God wants our faith to influence others, both within and outside the church and ministry.
Elijah’s faith influenced the entire nation of Israel. By believing and delivering God’s message, he was an example to them in word and deed. When he asked the Lord to reveal Himself as almighty God, fire fell from heaven, and the people believed.
Beloved, this weekend let your motives go head-to-head with the world to draw the people back to the Lord. We usually think of “sharing our faith” with those who don’t know Christ, but our confidence in God can also encourage weak or wayward believers.
Likewise, those strong in faith can strengthen us when we’re struggling with doubt. There’s no uncircumcised circumstance on the face of this planet that can take your victory away from you.
Beloved, guard against living an isolated Christian life. Share your confidence in God’s faithfulness weekend. Your testimony could help others’ faith to grow.
Have a blessed weekend Everyone!!! 😀

Weekend Share your confidence in God


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