“That Irritating Void”

Isaiah 55:1-2

Praise the Lord Beloved!!!
Happy Friday to everyone.
Have you ever found yourself standing in front of your open frig looking in it to find something to satisfy that ambiguous sense of emptiness in your stomach? You aren’t looking for anything specific, but you know you want something to fill that hunger or discontent.
Whatever you choose will probably not do the trick, because the empty spot isn’t in your stomach but in your soul.
Beloved, whether the substance is food, career, possessions, or relationships, our souls are continually trying to find satisfaction.
But nothing in this world will fill the void.
That’s because God has placed deep within us a hunger for Him.
Beloved, this weekend there will be two menus to choose from. God’s menu and Satan’s menu.
You will know Satan’s menu, it will be the one that will tempt you to find fulfillment with “worldly” substitutes.

Beware!!! After you order from this menu and indulge yourself, you’ll find that what you thought would fill your hunger (life) with a smile and joy will bring you disappointment and disillusionment will follow.

You see Satan’s menu is long and full of enticing things that seem to promise fulfillment and pleasure. This menu includes relationships, prominence, acceptance, riches, or recognition. Whatever he offers looks like the good life that will bring contentment, but it’s a deception.
But God’s menu is quite small. In fact, it lists just one “item”—Jesus. He’s the only one who can fill our void.

 Beloved, we were created for relationship with God, He placed deep within us with a desire for Him.

Beloved this weekend, if you’ll give Jesus a bigger place in your life and spend focused, unhurried time with Him, He’ll satisfy you as nothing else can.
Have a blessed Weekend Everyone!!! 😀


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