Concentration That Brings Confidence

1st Timothy 6:9

Praise the Lord Beloved!!!
Happy Friday to everyone.

Well the weekend is upon us once again and you know,
weekends seem to be the days that many choices must made. You know non-Christians live with a false sense of security. They assume that what is important in this life is the physical and material. But there is no safety in things. Those whose drive (determination) is affluence and fitness rather than God find that their visions or desire either go unfulfilled or leave them frustrated. Christians hook their focus into the solid rock of Jesus Christ. His Words are ALWAYS TRUE and HIS PROMISES ARE NEVER BROKEN.

Beloved, for a Christian, the best choice a Christian can make is to choose to
concentrate on his or her confidence on the Lord Jesus Christ. Beloved, this weekend welcome whatever fits His will for your life, and turn away from all that doesn’t. Circumstances may cause modification, but Jesus never does. So, Beloved, concentrate on Jesus and He’ll help you make the right choices confidently this weekend.

Have a Blessed Weekend Everyone!!! 😀


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