“Remember What God Says About You”

The enormous mass.png

Beloved, people will often toss dirt on your name. They will in one way or another refer to you as a nobody. To them you are as low as dirt.
But what they fail to realize is when God sees dirt He looks at it as gold, when they called you a nobody, God calls you somebody.
Though they may never acknowledge it to your face, they can’t help but see how God has turn you around purified your mind and made you His!!!
So whoever tells you you’re worthless,
remember: “God says you’re REMARKABLE!!!
Whoever tells you you’re no good,
remember: God says you’re VIRTUOUS!!!
Whoever tells you you’re useless,
remember: God says you’re USABLE!!!
Whoever tells you you’re weak,
remember: God says you’re SOLID!!!
Whoever tells you you’re helpless,
remember: God says you’re POWERFUL!!!
Whoever tells you you’re a total failure,
remember: Gods says you’re a SUCCESS!!!
Whoever tells you you’ll never measure up to God’s standard,
remember: God calls you His BLESSING!!!
Beloved, don’t let others bring you down with their pejorative observations.
The last time I checked God was still God, King of kings
and Ruler of all rulers.
Have a Blessed Weekend Everyone!!! 😀

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