“You’re About to Be Overwhelmed!!!”

Bishop' inspirational word week 4 You're about to be overwhelmed
Praise the Lord Beloved!!!
Happy Monday to Everyone. 

Beloved we all need to raise our level of expectancy!!! It’s like God is saying to us, “You think you’re blessed now?  Let me tell you, you haven’t seen anything yet!!!” And I’m sure God has been good to you, but He also has things for your future that, if He told you right now, would overwhelm your mind. You wouldn’t even believe it.

Beloved, if you would have told me 38 years ago while I was into worldliness that one day I would be a minister, create a ministry from the ground up,  speak, teach, and preach the word of God to thousands and thousands of people, put out CDs, audio podcasts, have an internet radio program, I would have said, “You’ve totally lost your mind!!!” Back then, I could not even fathom that!!!! Beloved, that’s how God wants to bless you in your future. He wants to overwhelm you with His goodness and with things so wonderful you can’t even comprehend it!!!

Today, I’m encouraging you to get ready for your increase. This is the time for you to step into so many blessings you can’t even imagine. Keep believing, keep obeying His Word and keep your heart and mind open to what He has for you because you haven’t seen anything yet!!!

“To God Be the Glory”


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