“The Proficiency to Believe”

Bishop' inspirational word week 3
Praise the Lord Beloved.
Happy Tuesday to you. 😀

You know Beloved, one of the greatest proficiencies God has given each one of us, is our proficiency to have faith (belief, trust and confidence). If you have faith in God’s Word, you will be able to flourish.
If you have faith in God’s Word, you can overcome mistakes of the past.
If you have faith in God’s Word, you can fulfill your God-given destiny.

There’s inconceivable power in what you believe.

Beloved, what you have faith in is greater than your circumstances, greater than your trials, greater than your medical report, and greater than your bank account!!! When you get into an agreement with God and have faith in what He says about you, then what you believe will supersede any natural law. I know a person that started a ministry in his basement. He started with nothing but a table and a homemade pulpit and 4 people and 6 bibles. Today his ministry reaches well over 150,000 men and women all over the world. Against all odds, disregarding all faultfinders, ignoring everyone who boycotted his ministry he believed he could do what God placed in his heart.

Today Beloved, encourage those seeds of faith that are in you by dwelling on His Word. As you get the Word of God in your heart, faith will come to you. Faith will grow and strengthen in you.

“To God Be the Glory”
Have a blessed day. 😀


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