“I’m Headed for an Overflow!!!”

Bishop' inspirational word week 1 I’m Headed for an Overflow
Praise the Lord Beloved
Happy Wednesday to you.

Beloved, the Scripture says God will supply our needs “according to His riches.” You know, so often we look at our circumstances and think, “I’ll never get ahead. I’m so far in debt, I’ll never get out.”
And you know, you’re probably right if it’s according to “your” will
(selections, choices or desires).

Beloved, God’s blessing is not according to what you have. It’s according to what He has. The good news is that God owns it all. One touch of God’s favor can release you out of barely enough and put you into more than enough. God has ways to increase you outside of your normal income, outside of your salary, outside of what’s expected.

So Beloved, stop telling yourself, “This is all I’ll ever have. I’ll never make it.”

Proclaim, “this is not where I’m staying. I’m blessed. I’m prosperous.
I’m headed for an overflow!!!
I’m headed to the land of More Than Enough according to His riches in glory!!!”

“To God Be the Glory”
Have a blessed day everyone.


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