“You Have a Winning DNA”

Bishop' inspirational word week 4.png
Praise the Lord Beloved!!!

Beloved, have you ever really considered your spiritual DNA? Our Heavenly Father spoke and worlds were created. He threw stars into space. He decorated every sunrise. He designed every flower. He shaped man out of dust and breathed life into him. Now here’s the key: He’s not just the Creator of the universe. He’s not just the all-powerful God. Beloved, He’s your Heavenly Father.

You have His DNA. Now just imagine what you can do!!!

Beloved, when you realize who you are, you won’t go around overwhelmed, unsettled, apprehensive and insecure, thinking, “I’m lacking. I’m not that talented. I come from the wrong family.” NO, you come from the right family. Your Father created it all.  Beloved, when you know who you are, it changes your thinking from, “I’m unsuccessful. I never get any good breaks” to “I have the favor of God. Blessings are chasing me down.”

Beloved, let me tell you, when you know who you are, you’ll start thinking like a winner, talking like a winner, carrying yourself like a winner, and soon, you’ll start living like a winner, too!!!

“To God Be the Glory!!!


About Bishop, Dr. W. F. Houston Jr. (Th. D.)

I am the Founder of Christian House of Faith-CHOF Ministry. CHOF ministry is a non-denominational non-profit ministry. All I will ever ask for is your Agape (unconditional love). CHOF Ministry is committed to helping people reach their highest potential in Christ by spreading the Word of God to His people via sermons, teachings, Bible verses, devotions, or an inspirational word. To know more about me or my ministry visit the CHOF Ministry please my ministry website at: http://www.christianhouseoffaithchof.net God Bless you.
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