“When the Negativity Gets Turned Up”

Bishop' inspirational word week 3 When The Negativity Get's Turned Up.png
Praise the Lord Beloved!!!
Happy Monday to you.

You know Beloved, whenever life becomes challenging and it seems like the negativity has been turned up, that’s a sign you’re closer to your victory. I’m talking about those times when lies bombard your mind,when people are talking about your goodnes in a negative way, when you’re tempted to get depressed or feel like throwing in the towel. Beloved, don’t quit!!! That’s not the time to back down. That’s the time to dig your heels in and put on a new attitude because you’re close to your breakthrough.

Maybe you’ve had a lot of things come against you. It seems like the more you pray the worse it gets. You just know you’re doing the right thing, but the wrong thing is happening more people challenge who you are in Christ.

The easy thing is to say, “Forget it!!! I don’t have to put up with this!!!” “This marriage is never going to work.” “I’ll never be able to raise this child.” Or, “I don’t like this job.”

Beloved, instead of getting discouraged, instead of going around sour and bitter, you need to say:
“I’ve come too far to stop now. I’ve been through too much to back down. I realize the reason the negativity has been turned up is because I’m about to clinch my victory!!!” 

“To God Be the Glory”.


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