“Stop The Violence!”

Stop the violence.png

Praise the Lord Beloved.

First my condolences go out to the family of Alton Sterling, Louisiana, Philando Castile, Minnesota and the 5 police officers slain last night in Dallas, Texas.
Today my heart is broken because of all the irrational murdering of innocent men and women of color by those that have sworn an oath to serve and protect. I stand in peaceful solidarity with everyone that is worn-out mentally and spiritually by those we trust to serve and protect every human race. But violence plus violence only multiplies violence as we see now innocent police officers killed in Dallas, Texas.
Beloved, we now live in a society that guns are everywhere. There’s no longer domestic tranquility. The government and judicial system has failed the general population. By acquitting and protecting police officers who kill innocent people, it has outraged many in our society and brought a heightened fear to many others. I personally am against gun violence and I know there are many great police officers in our cities, but until there’s a deep purging and removal of the corrupt servants of the law, enacting legislation to control the proliferation of guns, I feel the change will not come until the American population change its character about violence. Until that happens there will be more sadness, more innocent blood shed and more unnecessary funerals. So as I see it, it doesn’t look like it is going to get any better soon.
May God help us all!!! – Bishop, Dr. W. F. Houston, Jr.

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