“Unanswered Questions”

Bishop' inspirational word week 4x Unswered Questions.png
 Praise the Lord Beloved!!!
Happy Friday to you.

Beloved, are you going through a situation in your life that you don’t quite understand? You know it’s during these uncertain seasons, it’s natural to question things that you’re thinking about. But in order to move forward, you have to look forward with your heart (mind and emotions). Beloved, you have to look beyond the questions and continue to trust in The Almighty God.

You see as a Christian, serving God means you’re going to have some unanswered questions. You may never understand why a relationship ended sooner than you would have liked. You may never understand why you lost a loved one. You may never understand why you went through something difficult or why your prayers didn’t get answered. But at some point, you have to decide to put your questions aside and go on with God. You have to decide to “TRUST” His character even when your circumstances don’t make sense. The Bible tells us that adversity (hardships, difficulties, harsh conditions, misfortunes, hard times) will come, but God is the one who promises to lead us into victory.

He has promised that He’s going to turn that difficulty around and use it for your advantage.
Beloved, believe me when I say: “He’s Faithful to His Word”, and you can be sure that He will fulfill every promise He’s made to you.

“To God Be the Glory!!!”


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