Bishop Houston’s “Walking the Path of Life”

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“Don’t Succumb to the Dispirited Attitude”

Week 1 Don't Succumb to a Dispirited Attitude
Focal Scripture:
Habakkuk 1:2

Beloved, have you ever felt trapped and dispirited?
If you have, then don’t feel bad because you’re not alone. At some point everyone experiences dashed hopes.

A person with a dispirited attitude is person that has lost enthusiasm and hope. A dispirited attitude is normally the initial reaction that occurs when there is an emotional response to a failed expectation. If a dispirited attitude is allowed to linger, it can turn into discouragement, which will hover you like a dark cloud. When that occurs, there’s no sense of happiness or satisfaction, no matter what you do.

Beloved, the conditions that activate these emotions can be unavoidable, but it all depends on how we choose to respond. We can either let sadness overpower our souls or face the situation with courage and bring it before the One who can help us.

Beloved, living with a dispirited attitude will divide the mind, making it hard to focus on anything besides our pain. Then as anger becomes habitual, we’ll look for someone to blame either God, the people around us, or ourselves. Frustration that isn’t controlled may develop into depression, which in turn will cause us to distance ourselves from others. I’m sure you know that many people don’t enjoy the company of someone who’s bitter and defeated. When Isolation occurs, it leads to a low self-esteem.

Finally, in the haze of the dispirited attitude, it becomes really easy to make poor decisions based on crushed emotions instead of truth. Obviously, choosing this self-destructive path isn’t God’s best for our lives.

Beloved, we’ll all face disappointment from time to time, but as Christians we should not allow ourselves to wallow in it. Instead, God wants us to trust Him with everything, even our unfulfilled expectations and deepest unhappiness.

Remember Beloved, Romans 8:28 tells us that there’s divine purpose for everything He allows to touch His children’s lives.

“May God continue to bless the readers and doers according to His will.”  

“A New Vision”

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Praise The Lord Beloved!!!
Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!

Beloved allow me to ask you a few questions.
Are you ready for new growth? Are you ready to go to the next level, spiritually, physically and emotionally? Well if you are I may be able to help you.

As I was doing my morning Bible reading I came across Mark 2:22 which says:
 “And no one puts new wine into old wineskins. For the wine would burst the wineskins, and the wine and the skins would both be lost. New wine calls for new wineskins.”

Beloved, in that verse Jesus is actually saying that you can’t go to a new level with an old mentality (out of date thinking).  You know, I’ve found that many people hear the truth that God has more in store for them, and something resonates on the inside. Their spirit comes into agreement with God. But many times, their natural minds will try to talk them out it. Thoughts come like, “It’s not going to happen for you. You’re not going to have a great year. You know what the economy is like.” Or, “You’re never going to get well. You saw what the medical report said.” “You’re never going to get married. You’ve been single so long. It happens for everyone but you.”

Friends, those are the old wineskins that you have to get rid of. This is a new season. What’s happened in the past is over and done!!! You may have been through some disappointments, some frustrations, some scares, you may have tried and failed, or things didn’t work out. That’s okay. We serve a God of restoration. It’s time to get a new vision for your life.

“To God Be the Glory”