“What a Friend We Have In Jesus”

Bishop' inspirational word week 3 What a Friend We Have In Jesus
Praise the Lord Beloved!!!
Happy Tuesday.

Beloved each of us has the privilege to know God.
At one time we were God’s enemies because of sin, but because of God’s love
we have been forgiven. Just look at that!!!

God has the love that will even forgive His enemies.

Beloved, not only does God forgive us, He also wants us to be His friend and know His majestic truth. You see in John 15:15 Jesus says to every Christian, “I have called you friends,” and you know God even explains Himself by saying, “for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you”. This means we’re no longer ignorant to the truth about God and the Kingdom of God.
Let me tell you, Beloved, understanding God’s truth that’s revealed in the Holy Bible is a greater asset than understanding the deepest things at a university.

Beloved, Jesus Christ wants us to walk close with Him in the light and to be free of Satan’s darkness.

“To God Be The Glory!!!”


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