“An Uncontaminated Heart”

Bishop' inspirational word”  Week 4 An Uncontaminated HeartPsalm 119:9-11
Praise the Lord Everyone!!!

You know Beloved,
reaching our full potential begins with an uncontaminated heart. I am speaking of a heart that loves the Lord and desires to obey Him. However, Beloved, each of us was born with a nature twisted away from God.

Jeremiah 17:9 describes the heart as deceitful and inclined towards wickedness. So pleasing self is a man and woman’s normal state.

OH, I Thank God For Salvation!!! Salvation changed our hearts and lives. Jesus’ death on the cross paid the penalty for our sin and broke its power over us. By receiving Christ as Savior, we each became a new creation with a heart sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and a mind that strongly desires to know the Father better. We have also received the Spirit’s power to deny our selfish desires and obey God. With uncontaminated hearts, we can begin to realize the proficiencies our loving Lord has given us.

“To God be the Glory.”


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