“Put On Your Blessings”

Bishop' inspirational word”  Week 3 Put on Your Blessing.png

when you’re blessed, the haters will come out. When you step up to a new level, nasty things will be said about you, in other words the backbiters will come out of the wood work like rats and roaches in a filthy house.

When you put on God’s blessings you look good!!! So don’t be surprised if the blessings you’re wearing draws jealousy out on people.

you can be humble and not be arrogant and say, “Today I’m gonna put on God’s blessings and I’m gonna look good, in spite of who doesn’t like it!!!
I’m gonna take this promotion in spite of who gets jealous,
I’m gonna continue my ministry regardless what other people may say or think.
I’m gonna put on these beautiful material blessings and wear them in spite
of who gets envious.
I’m gonna drive this brand new vehicle in spite of who criticizes,
I’m gonna buy this new home, move into this new apartment,
I’m gonna move into this nicer neighborhood in spite of who judges me.

life is way too short to worry about what everybody thinks. If family or friends get jealous and judge you and are critical, you need to first pray for them then back away from that (or those) family members
and find you some new friends, because:
True family and friends celebrate you.
True family and friends encourage and cheer you on.
True family and friends are happy when you succeed.

So smile and be happy when you put on and wear the blessings God has given you.

“To God Be the Glory!!!”


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