Allowing Jesus to Be Primary “Purified Heart”

Bishop' inspirational word”  Week 2 Purified Heart.pngPraise the Lord Beloved!!!

As I said on Monday and Tuesday
Jesus needs to be the chief principle in everyone’s life especially believers.
I have given you 2 of 3 principles why Jesus needs to have the primary place in your life.
1. Quiet Spirit.
2. Strong Faith

The third principle is a “Purified Heart”.

a purified heart is a reflection of who you are in Christ. When reading your Bible you find that the scriptures is like a mirror that reflects back to us who we truly are and reveals where we need to change. According 1 John 1:9, when we confess our sin, God promises to cleanse us from all unrighteousness purifying our heart (mind and emotions).

today prepare your mind and emotions to reflect the words of God.

None of us knows what’s in our tomorrow, only God knows.
God wants to prepare us for the future and these 3 principles
will help you get ready.

To God be the glory.  


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