Declare it and claim it
Bishop Houston’s “Expression for Today”

are you living the lavish life Jesus came to give?
Now I’m not talking about living in the most elaborate house or driving the latest car.
No, His promise of profuse living goes way beyond material things that this world offers.
I’m, speaking of an “Abundant” life.
An abundant life means “life to the fullest.”
That means no matter what is going on around you,  
you can partake of the full blessings of God. You can have peace in the midst of a storm. You can have joy when things are uncertain. You can have hope when circumstances seem hopeless.

as believers, a lot of times it’s easy to look at others living a life of good and plentiful and think, “God is going to give me abundant life someday.”
But the truth is that God wants you to have a profuse life TODAY!!! So don’t waste another second living in mediocrity or settling for less than God’s best.
Receive His blessings by faith today.
Receive His hope, joy, strength and favor.
So “RIGHT NOW,” I want you to declare that you are living a full life!!!

Jesus came so that you may live life to the fullest. 😀

Have a blessed day everyone. 😀


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