“Resources On The Inside”

Resources on the Inside expressions 08032015

Praise The Lord Beloved!!!
Happy New Month.

You know beloved,
you have resources deep inside of you!!! As a believer in Jesus, the greatest gem of all is within you and I’m speaking of the Spirit of God. You carry the most valuable pearl in the universe inside of you!!!
He has also deposited many other treasures on the inside of you as well. You may not even see these treasures yet, but God has given you gifts and abilities that are tied to “YOUR PURPOSE”.
He has fully equipped you to succeed in life.

what do you need today to move forward? What do you need to break out of your comfort zone?
It’s on the inside of you. Proverbs says that understanding is like a well within and the wise person draws it out.

So today,
draw out those resources inside of you by speaking words of faith. Connect to the heart of Almighty God. Stir up the gift inside of you by praying in the Spirit and thanking Him in worship.
As you seek the Lord and submit yourself to His leading, you will discover the great treasures within!!!

Have a blessed day. 


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