“It’s Ok To Have Big Visions”

It's Ok to have big Visions
Bishop Houston’s “Expression for Today”

when you look out into your future, what do you see? What are your visions and desires that you hold close to your heart? So many people start with big visions, but then opposition comes. Life doesn’t turn out the way they planned. They lose a loved one or encounter difficulty they didn’t anticipate.

Today, if that’s you, I want to remind you that it’s Ok to have big visions. The Creator of the universe designed you with specific gifts and talents that no one else has. He has you on this planet for a specific purpose. When you commit your life to Him, He promises to be with you wherever you go. Even though some things in life may have caught you by surprise, they didn’t catch God by surprise. His good plan for your life remains. You can trust Him because He loves you with an everlasting love, and He doesn’t want to see you settling for anything less than His very best.

today I want to encourage you to let go of what no longer has a purpose in your life,
let go of what has been holding you back or holding you down.
Let go of what has been keeping you from having big Visions.
Put aside the past and lift up your eyes to Jesus.

it’s OK to think big and have big visions. Be audacious, be resilient and be determined.
God’s the Author and Finisher of your faith.
Live confident and have a big vision so you can embrace the good things He has in store for you!!!

Have a blessed day everyone. 😀


“Living an Agape Life”

Living an Agape Life
Bishop Houston’s “Word of the Month”

The word Agape (agápē) is a Greek word translated to mean love.
It’s the highest form of love, especially brotherly love, charity. It is the kind of love God has for man and man has for God. It’s an “UNCONDITIONAL adoration.”
If we’re going to live in “Agape” love, we have to learn to forgive one another.
The Bible says, “Do not let the sun go down on your anger, but instead, forgive. And above all things, put on love.”
 *That means: above having your own way, above your own agenda,
choose to put on love.

The apostle Paul prayed in Ephesians 3:17 that we would be “rooted and established in love so that we would have power together with all the saints.”

when we choose to walk in love, we have the power of God in our lives,
as well as healthier relationships. We should always look for the best in each other. That’s one of the things I love about Lady Donece “Niecy” Houston. I used to think that she didn’t see the things that people did wrong or were doing to her. Then I realized: It’s not that she doesn’t see them;
she chooses not to focus on them.
That’s what Jesus taught. One day a group of Pharisees brought a woman to Him who had been caught in adultery. The Law said that she should be stoned, but Jesus didn’t condemn her. Instead, He said, “Those of you without sin, go ahead;
you throw the first stone.”

Cast the First Stone*The woman’s accusers began to look within themselves.
Then, they walked away.

we can all throw rocks and point out each other’s faults, but we need to make allowances for one another. We don’t know what some people have been through. We don’t know the pain and heartache they’ve experienced.
When the woman’s accusers had all slipped away, Jesus told her,

“Neither do I condemn you; go your way; from now on sin no more.”

let’s learn to walk in “Agape” unconditional love and see the best in everyone.
A house divided will fall.
That’s why it’s so important to keep peace in your home and in your family.
Be the first to apologize. “Be quick to forgive.”

Someone once asked me If Lady Donece “Niecy” and I argue. Yes, we disagree, but you can’t argue with someone who won’t argue with you, and Lady Donece won’t argue!!! She’s made up her mind that we’re going to walk in love, because that is where the power is. At times, Lady Donece “Niecy” and I have said, “All right, we can’t see eye to eye on this, so we’re just going to agree to disagree.”

I can’t help it if she’s wrong sometimes!!!

When Lady Donece “Niecy and I got married, I like my own way, and when I didn’t get it, I wasn’t happy. Then God spoke clearly to me: Bishop Houston, if you don’t change the way you’re acting, you’re going to change the woman you married.

Well, that got my attention, because I didn’t want to change Lady Donece “Niecy’s” personality.
I love Lady Donece “Niecy” (Unconditionally). That’s why I married her.
I knew that I had to be willing to make some changes.

In many relationships, after time, people neglect to walk in Agape
(unconditional) love.
One day, they realize that their hearts have changed. You hear it all the time:
“We just grew apart.”

Lady Donece “Niecy” and I remind ourselves often that God brought us together. He’s got a good plan for our marriage. You need to remind yourself that God has put that person in your life, and He’s got good things in store. If you will do your part by being kind, respecting one another, treating each other the way you want to be treated, God will do His part, and you can live in Agape love!!!

God Bless You All.

“Envision It, Have Faith In It, Live It!!!”

Envision It, Have Faith In It, Live It!!! 08242015
Bishop Houston’s “Expression for Today”

learning to walk in the destiny God has for you is a process. The first step is to get a vision,
a clear picture from God that you can see.
The next step is to have faith (trust, believe and have confidence) in Him.
You have to believe it will happen. And then finally, you must have confidence in your steps and live out what God has promised no matter what your circumstances or people around you have to say.

First you envision it, than you have faith in it, and then you live it.
Every vision I’ve ever received from God has followed this same pattern.
We see in scripture that even the great men and women of the Bible walked through this process.
They had to overcome doubts, they struggled on their journey, but they held fast to what God said knowing that He’s faithful to complete what He started in us!!!

So today Beloved,
if you’re having a hard time believing what God has promised will come to pass, understand that you’re in a process.
Don’t empower doubt with your words. Instead, keep declaring that He who promised is faithful!!!
Keep the vision in front of you knowing that it’s for an appointed time.
Envision it and have faith (belief, trust and confidence) in it because it won’t be long until you’re living the blessed life God has prepared for you!!!

Be blessed in the Lord.