“God Has A Plan For You”

CHOF Ministry’s “Expression for Today”
God Has A plan For You expressions 7292015 web
“God designed the plan for your life…”

Praise the Lord Beloved!!!
Beloved today I want you to realize that no matter where you’ve been, no matter what you’ve done, that your destiny supersedes your mistakes. When God designed the plan for your life, it wasn’t dependent on you being perfect, never making a mistake, or never taking a wrong turn.
No, God knew we would all make mistakes. He knows how to get you back on track no matter where you are in life. Just like there are many routes on a map, God has a plan to help you reach your destination. He has detours, shortcuts and bypasses. He has already calculated the entire route for your life.

So today Beloved,
if you’re feeling like you’ve blown it, if you feel like you’re too old, too far gone or too off track, know that nothing you’ve done, no mistake that you’ve made or ever will make is a surprise to God. He’s already got it figured out. He’s arranged a comeback for every setback!!!
He has grace for every weakness. He has mercy for every failure. Receive it today and move forward with boldness into the destiny He has for you!!!

Have a blessed day. 😀



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