CHOF Ministry’s “Expression for Today”

Choose to Be Happy expressions
“Choose To Be Happy”
“make the decision to get your happiness back.”

Praise the Lord Beloved!!!

Did you know that it’s God’s will for you to
be Happy always? God wants you to be happy and cheerful. He wants you to love your life no matter what your circumstances look like. In fact, when you have happiness in the midst of difficult circumstances, it’s the evidence that you have faith and trust that God is going to bring you through. God’s supernatural happiness is strength. When you have His happiness, you can stand strong no matter what’s going on around you.
You might say, “Bishop Houston, I’m just not a real cheerful person. I’m more intense.
I never laugh much.”

Beloved, I realize God made us all differently, but you can train yourself to laugh more.
I read where the average child laughs over 200 times a day, but the average adult only laughs 4 times a day. What’s happened?
Well, we’ve allowed the pressures of life, stress and more responsibilities to little by little, steal our happiness.

Beloved today,
make the decision to get your happiness back. Decide that you’re going to look beyond your problems and look to God to see you through. Ask Him every day to fill you with His supernatural peace and happiness so that you can live in His strength and victory all the days of your life!!! 😀

Have a blessed day. 😀



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