“A Virtuous Life”

Virtutous Living  expressionshttp://www.christianhouseoffaithchof.net/chof-ministrys-expression-for-today.html

Praise the Lord Beloved.

let me ask you a few questions.
Are you facing an area of deficiency in your life?
Deficient in your finances, deficient in your relationships,
deficient in your physical health?

Well let me tell you the good news!!!
The Good news is that’s not the place God wants you
to stay. He wants to bring you into a virtuous life with no deficiency,
no shortage, no defeat and no mediocrity.
He wants you to live in a place where you’ll have more than enough
so you can be a blessing to others.
He wants to lift you up and keep you up.
He wants you to remain stable and strong in Him.

But here is the key.
In order to get God’s results, we have to do things God’s way.
His love is unconditional, His access is unlimited,
but our obedience is what opens the door to His blessings.
We have to do our part and humble ourselves before Him
and keep pressing forward with an attitude of faith and expectancy.

Beloved remember,
promotion doesn’t come from people, it comes from the Lord.
When we follow Him, He leads us into a virtuous life of blessing,
a life of more than enough,
a life filled with opportunities.

So today, put Him first, follow His commands
and let Him lead you into a virtuous life!!!

Have a blessed Tuesday.


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