CHOF Ministry’s Weekend Word

Christian House of Faith, CHOF/CHOF Ministry

Praise the Lord Beloved!!!
Here we are about to begin another weekend.
So here’s another word for your weekend.

when we make mistakes in life, there are three main things that
we need to do.
#1. Ask for forgiveness.
#2. Receive God’s mercy.
#3. Move forward with your life.
Let it go and press ahead.

You know Beloved,
so many people today are still beating themselves down over something they did five years ago or they have allowed others to make them feel bad about the mistake or mistakes they’ve made.

Sure they’ve asked God to forgive them
a thousand times, but they are the ones who can’t let it go and they are also the ones who allow others to suffocate or destroy them with their past mistake or mistakes. They go around living depressed, defeated and feeling unworthy.

Well if that’s you, I want you to realize today
the price has already been paid. The first time you asked God to forgive you, He forgave you.
Now you’ve got to receive God’s mercy and press ahead. That mistake didn’t change who you are to God. Let me tell you,
my children have never once gotten up in the morning as a Houston and then done something wrong then went to bed that night with a different last name.
No matter what they did, they’re still my children. You may have made mistakes today, but because of the blood of Jesus, you’re still your Father’s child. You’re still the apple of God’s eye. You’re still His most prized possession. God may not be pleased with every action, but He is pleased when you receive His forgiveness by faith!!!

Have a blessed weekend everyone.

Weekend gift:
1 John 1:9


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