The Time Is NOW!!!


CHOF Ministry’s Expression for Today

Praise the Lord Beloved!!!
This week, I believe, is going to be a week of great harvest for many people. timeisnow
Maybe you’ve been facing some difficulties. Remember, great difficulties lead to great victories. Maybe you’ve felt like the storms of life have been blowing against you, trying to hold you back. Beloved, I believe this week that the winds are changing direction, and now they’re going to start propelling you forward. Due season is coming!!! It’s not time to sit back!!! It’s not time to let up!!! It’s time to press forward!!! It’s time to rise up!!! Don’t grow weary while doing well.

Keep doing good and don’t lose heart because it’s “YOUR” time,
and it’s your season!!!

Beloved by faith begin to declare,
I’m stepping into a new essence with the favor of God as my strength.
I’m letting go of what hasn’t work out. I’m putting on a new attitude and enlarging my vision. I’m going to go into this week with a new fire and greater expectancy.
I’m pressing forward to step into my season!!!!”

Have a blessed day.



About Bishop, Dr. W. F. Houston Jr. (Th. D.)

I am the Founder of Christian House of Faith-CHOF Ministry. CHOF ministry is a non-denominational non-profit ministry. All I will ever ask for is your Agape (unconditional love). CHOF Ministry is committed to helping people reach their highest potential in Christ by spreading the Word of God to His people via sermons, teachings, Bible verses, devotions, or an inspirational word. To know more about me or my ministry visit the CHOF Ministry please my ministry website at: God Bless you.
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