A Weekend Word from Dr. W. F. Houston, Jr.

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Basking in the Terms of God (Psalm 119:97-104)

jer_29_11Praise the Lord Beloved!!!

Beloved it’s a joy to share another word
with you once again.

people make a lot of decisions on any given day. Most choices present themselves quickly,
leaving little time to weigh pros and cons. So we “go with our emotional response.”
However, believers who desire to walk wisely through the dangers and threats of this world
require something more reliable than “flesh based” instinct.

we need godly knowledge and principles to guide us, which is why we must
meditate on the Word.

I personally meditate on Scripture often in my writing and preaching, and for good reason.
The Bible is the key to knowing God and following His will.
We as believers simply cannot neglect spending time poring over its words.
If you want to be certain of God’s perspective on an issue, you have to go to the source book
to fill your mind with truth.

all of us have a sort of grid around our minds. It’s made up of the principles we were taught as children,
the habits we’ve formed, and the information we accept as true.
New knowledge coming our way passes through that grid and is either adapted or rejected.

Ok allow me to give you a quick example:
think about TV commercials.
Those persuasive ads full of beautiful people are designed to steal past your mind’s defenses.
Watching a TV program and all of a sudden out of the blue you have a craving for a certain beverage
or have an appetite for a certain food. I call them subliminal messages.
Well, the Devil has the same goal of getting past your grid and gaining a mental
and spiritual foothold.

basking in the terms of God will shut the doors of unconscious, hidden or concealed thoughts of the enemy.

May God bless you all.